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Micro ISO Automotive Relay <br> SPST/SPDT contacts <br> Fully automated assembly. <br> Plug-in or PCB relay. <br> Environment-friendly and light weight. <br> Made in USA. <br> Typical Applications: bl


Features, Applications

SPST/SPDT contacts. Fully automated assembly. Plug-in or PCB relay. Environment-friendly and light weight. Made in USA.

Description SPST Standard type SPST Dustproof with boot over terminals SPDT Standard SPDT Dustproof with boot over terminals G8H-1C4T-R G8H-1C7T-RB Model

Blower fan motor Head lamps Fuel pump ABS Horn Electric sunroof

Model Rated voltage 12 VDC Coil resistance Coil resistance w/680 suppression �10% Nominal power consumption 1440 mW Pull in voltage 8.0 V Dropout voltage G8H-1C4T-R G8H-1C7T-RB

Item Max. switching current Max. switching voltage Min. carry / switching current Contact material V 1A Silver tin oxide (Cadmium free) Description Inrush 60 A (NO), 30 A (NC), steady 20 A (NO), 10 A (NC)

Max. initial contact voltage drop Operate time Release time Bounce time Switching frequency Insulation resistance Dielectric strength Vibration Shock Ambient operating temperature Humidity Service life Weight Mechanical Electrical Mechanical durability Malfunction durability Mechanical durability Malfunction durability Operate Release Mechanical 20 A (NO), 10 A (NC) 20 ms max. @ 12 VDC 10 ms max.(see note) 5 ms max. 10 ms max. 18,000 operations per hour 20 M min (at 500 VDC) 1.0 mA max. leakage at 500 VAC, 60 Hz for 1 minute between coil and contacts and between contacts - 500 Hz, - 500 Hz, RH 10,000,000 operations min. (load dependent) 100,000 operations min. (load dependent) 20.0g (approx.)

Note: Typical data includes coil suppression. Release times may decrease without coil suppression.

Model G8H-1C7T-R Resistive load Starter motor Load type Current 20 A (NO), 10 A (NC) 45 A stall, 15 A continuous 30,000 Cycles tested 100,000

Model 40 A (NO), 20 A (NC) Current Duration 3 cycles (1 cycle is 5 min ON, 10 min. OFF)



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