DAC0808LCN Datasheet

DAC0808 - 8-Bit D/A Converter, Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb=16


Features, Applications

The an 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converter (DAC) featuring a full scale output current settling time 150 ns while dissipating only 33 mW with � 5V supplies. No reference current (IREF) trimming is required for most applications since the full scale output current is typically � 1 LSB 255 IREF/256. Relative accuracies of better than � 0.19% assure 8-bit monotonicity and linearity while zero level output current of less than 4 �A provides 8-bit zero accuracy for IREF2 mA. The power supply currents of the DAC0808 is independent of bit codes, and exhibits essentially constant device characteristics over the entire supply voltage range. The DAC0808 will interface directly with popular TTL, DTL or CMOS logic levels, and is a direct replacement for the MC1508/MC1408. For higher speed applications, see DAC0800 data sheet.


Relative accuracy: � 0.19% error maximum Full scale current match: � 1 LSB typ Fast settling time: 150 ns typ Noninverting digital inputs are TTL and CMOS compatible n High speed multiplying input slew rate: 8 mA/�s n Power supply voltage range: 18V n Low power consumption: � 5V


Note 1: Devices may be ordered by using either order number.

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Power Supply Voltage VCC VEE Digital Input Voltage, V5�V12 Applied Output Voltage, VO Reference Current, I14 Reference Amplifier Inputs, V14, V15 Power Dissipation (Note 4) ESD Susceptibility (Note 5) +18 VDC -18 VDC to +18 VDC to +18 VDC 5 mA VCC, VEE 1000 mW TBD

Storage Temperature Range Lead Temp. (Soldering, 10 seconds) Dual-In-Line Package (Plastic) Dual-In-Line Package (Ceramic) Surface Mount Package Vapor Phase (60 seconds) Infrared (15 seconds)

(VCC = 5V, VEE = -15 VDC, = 2 mA, and all digital inputs at high logic level unless otherwise noted.) Symbol Er Parameter Relative Accuracy (Error Relative to Full Scale IO) DAC0808LC (LM1408-8) Settling Time to Within / LSB

(Includes tPLH) tPLH, tPHL TCIO MSB VIH VIL MSB Propagation Delay Time Output Full Scale Current Drift Digital Input Logic Levels High Level, Logic "1" Low Level, Logic "0" Digital Input Current High Level Low Level I15 Reference Input Bias Current Output Current Range

Output Current, All Bits Low Output Voltage Compliance (Note 3) VEE =-5V, IREF =1 mA VEE Below -10V SRIREF Reference Current Slew Rate Output Current Power Supply Sensitivity Power Supply Current (All Bits Low) ICC IEE Power Supply Voltage Range VCC VEE Power Dissipation



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