DAC0890CM Datasheet

Dual 8-bit Microprocessor-compatible Digital-to-analog Converter (discontinued)


Features, Applications

The is a complete dual 8-bit voltage output digitalto-analog converter that can operate on a single 5V supply It includes on-chip output amplifiers precision bandgap voltage reference and full microprocessor interface Each DAC0890 output amplifier has two externally selectable output ranges 2 55V and 10 2V The amplifiers are internally trimmed for offset and full-scale accuracy and therefore require no external user trims The DAC0890 is supplied in 20-pin ceramic DIP package

Guaranteed monotonic over temperature Internal precision bandgap reference Two calibrated output ranges 2 55V and 2 ms settling time for full-scale output change No external trims Microprocessor interface


Industrial processing controls Automotive controls Disk drive motor controls Automatic test equipment

2) Soldering Information J package (10 sec ) Storage Temperature Junction Temperature 300 C

If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications Positive Supply Voltage a ) Voltage at Any Pin (Note 3) Input Current at Any Pin (Note 3) Package Input Current (Note 4) Power Dissipation (Note 5) ESD Susceptability (Note 6) Output Short-Circuit Protection Duration 20V GND 0W 2000V Indefinite

Temperature Range TMIN TA s TMAX DAC0890CIJ Positive Supply Voltage V a
Electrical Characteristics The following specifications apply for 5V and 15V and AGND e

DGND e 0V unless otherwise specified Boldface limits apply for TJ e TMIN to TMAX all other limits 25 C Symbol Parameter Resolution Monotonicity Integral Linearity Error Fullscale Error Zero Error Full Scale DAC-to-DAC Tracking (Note 9) Analog Crosstalk (Note 10) Glitch Energy (Note 11) Digital Feedthrough (Note tS IO ISC PSRR Positive Output Settling Time (Note 13) Output Current Drive Capability Output Short Circuit Current (Note 15) Power Supply Rejection Ratio (Note 16) CLOAD 500 pF CLOAD 1000 pF (Note 10 2V range 2 55V range

Units Bits(min) Bit(min) LSB(min) LSB(max) LSB dB V-ns ms
ppm % (max) ppm % (max) ppm % (max) ppm % mA (max) mA V (max) V (min) V (max)
Data Logic Low Threshold Data Logic High Threshold Control Logic Low Threshold

Electrical Characteristics (Continued) The following specifications apply for 5V and 15V and AGND e DGND e 0V unless otherwise specified Boldface limits apply for TJ e TMIN to TMAX all other limits 25 C

Symbol VIHC Parameter Control Logic High Threshold Digital Input Current tWR tDS tDH tCS tCH Write Time Data Setup Time Data Hold Time Control Setup Time Control Hold Time (Note Conditions Typical (Note 7) Limit (Note Units V (min) mA (max) ns (min) ns (min) ns (max) ns (min) ns (max)

Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur DC and AC electrical specifications do not apply when operating the device beyond its specified operating ratings Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is functional but do not guarantee performance limits For guaranteed specifications and test conditions see the Electrical Characteristics The guaranteed specifications apply only for the test conditions listed Some performance characteristics may degrade when the device is not operated under the listed test conditions Note 2 All voltages are measured with respect to AGND unless otherwise specified Note 3 When the input voltage (VIN) at any pin exceeds the power supply rails (VIN k AGND or VIN the absolute value of current at that pin should be limited mA or less Note 4 The sum of the currents at all pins that are driven beyond the power supply voltages should not exceed 20 mA Note 5 The maximum power dissipation must be derated at elevated temperatures and is dictated by TJMAX iJA and the ambient temperature TA The maximum allowable power dissipation at any temperature PD e (TJMAX - TA) iJA or the number given in the Absolute Maximum Ratings whichever is lower The TJMAX( C) and iJA( C W) for the DAC0890CIJ are 125 C and C W respectively Part Number DAC0890CIJ TJMAX( C) 125 iJA( W) 53

Note 6 Human body model 100 pF discharged through 5 kX resistor Note 7 Typicals are 25 C unless otherwise specified and represent the most likely parametric norm Note 8 Guaranteed to National's AOQL (Average Outgoing Quality Level) Note 9 Full Scale DAC-to-DAC Tracking is defined as the change in the voltage difference between the full scale output levels of DAC1 and DAC2 The result is expressed in LSBs and it referred to the full-scale voltage difference 25 C Note 10 Analog Crosstalk is a measure of the change in one DAC's full scale output voltage as the second DAC's output voltage changes value It is measured as the voltage change in one DAC's full scale output voltage divided by the voltage range through which the second DAC's output has changed (zero to full scale) This ratio is then expressed in dB Note 11 Glitch Energy is a worst case measurement over the entire input code range of transients that occur when changing code The positive and negative areas of the transient waveforms are summed together to obtain the value listed Note 12 Digital Feedthrough is measured with both DAC outputs latched at full scale and ns 5V step applied to all 8 data inputs This gives the worst case digital feedthrough for the DAC0890 Note 13 Settling Time is specified for a positive full scale step to g LSB Settling time for negative steps will be slower but may be improved with an external pull-down resistor Negative settling time to g LSB can be calculated for each range where 6 23 (CLOAD) (RLOAD 10 kX) for the high range and 6 23 (CLOAD) (RLOAD 2 5 kX) for the low range Note 14 Output Current Drive Capability is the minimum current that can be sourced by the output amplifiers with less than sinking capability is provided by a passive internal resistance kX in the high range and kX in the low range Note 15 Output Short Circuit Current is measured with the output at full-scale and shorted to AGND Note 16 Power Supply Rejection Ratio is a measure of how much the output voltage changes (in parts-per-million) per change (in percent) in the power supply voltage Note 17 Digital Input Current is measured with 0V and V a input levels The limit specified is the higher of these two measurements LSB reduction in full scale Current



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