DAC1054CM Datasheet

Quad 10-bit Voltage-output Serial D/A Converter With Readback (obsolete)


Features, Applications
DAC1054 Quad 10-Bit Voltage-Output Serial D A Converter with Readback

The is a complete quad 10-bit voltage-output digital-to-analog converter that can operate on a single 5V supply It includes on-chip output amplifiers internal voltage reference and serial microprocessor interface By combining in one package the reference amplifiers and conversion circuitry for four D A converters the DAC1054 minimizes wiring and parts count and is hence ideally suited for applications where cost and board space are of prime concern The DAC1054 also has a data readback function which can be used by the microprocessor to verify that the desired input word has been properly latched into the DAC1054's data registers The data readback function simplifies the design and reduces the cost of systems which need to verify data integrity The logic comprises a MICROWIRETM -compatible serial interface and control circuitry The interface allows the user to write to any one of the input registers or to all four at once The latching registers are double-buffered consisting of 4 separate input registers and 4 DAC registers Each DAC register may be written to individually Double buffering allows all 4 DAC outputs to be updated simultaneously or individually The four reference inputs allow the user to configure the system to have a separate output voltage range for each DAC The output voltage of each DAC can range between 0 3V and 2 8V and is a function of VBIAS VREF and the input word


Single a 5V supply operation MICROWIRE serial interface allows easy interface to many popular microcontrollers including the COPSTM and HPCTM families of microcontrollers Data readback capability Output data can be formatted to read back MSB or LSB first Versatile logic allows selective or global update of the DACs Power fail flag Output amplifiers can drive 2 kX load Synchronous asynchronous update of the DAC outputs

Guaranteed monotonic over temperature g Integral linearity error LSB max Output settling time 7 ms max Analog output voltage range 2 8V Supply voltage range 5 5V Clock frequency for write 10 MHz max Clock frequency for read back 5 MHz max Power dissipation (fCLK e 10 MHz) 100 mW max On-board reference g 2% max


Automatic test equipment Industrial process controls Automotive controls and diagnostics Instrumentation

Industrial DAC1054CIN DAC1054CIWM Military 5962-9466201MJA J24A Ceramic DIP Package N24A Molded DIP M24B Small Outline

COPSTM HPCTM and MICROWIRETM are trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation

2) Soldering Information N Package (10 sec ) SO Package Vapor Phase (60 sec ) Infrared (15 sec ) (Note 7) Storage Temperature 5 5V

If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications Supply Voltage (AVCC DVCC) Supply Voltage Difference (AVCC � DVCC) Voltage at Any Pin (Note 3) Input Current at Any Pin (Note 3) Package Input Current (Note 4) Power Dissipation (Note 5) ESD Susceptibility (Note 6) Human Body Model Machine Model 7V

The following specifications apply for AVCC e DVCC e 5V VREF 2 65V VBIAS 2 kX (RL is the load resistor on the analog outputs � pins 13 17 and 23) and fCLK e 10 MHz unless otherwise specified Boldface limits apply for e TJ from TMIN to TMAX All other limits apply for 25 C Symbol STATIC CHARACTERISTICS n Resolution Monotonicity Integral Linearity Error DAC1054CIN DAC1054CIWM Differential Linearity Error Fullscale Error Fullscale Error Tempco Zero Error Zero Error Tempco Power Supply Sensitivity DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS ts a tsb Positive Voltage Output Settling Time Negative Voltage Output Settling Time Digital Crosstalk Digital Feedthrough Clock Feedthrough Channel-to-Channel Isolation Glitch Energy Peak Value of Largest Glitch PSRR Power Supply Rejection Ratio (Note 22) (Note 200 pF (Note 200 pF (Note 17) (Note 18) (Note 19) (Note 20) (Note

Converter Electrical Characteristics (Continued) The following specifications apply for AVCC e DVCC e 5V VREF 2 65V VBIAS 2 kX (RL is the load resistor on the analog outputs � pins 13 17 and 23) and fCLK e 10 MHz unless otherwise specified Boldface limits apply for e TJ from TMIN to TMAX All other limits apply for 25 C

Symbol Parameter Conditions Typical (Note 3) Limit (Note 4) Units (Limits)

DIGITAL AND DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VIN(1) VIN(0) IIL CIN COUT VOUT(1) VOUT(0) VINT IS Logical ``1'' Input Voltage Logical ``0'' Input Voltage Digital Input Leakage Current Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Logical ``1'' Output Voltage Logical ``0'' Output Voltage Interrupt Pin Output Voltage Supply Current ISOURCE 8 mA ISINK 10 kX Pullup Outputs Unloaded AVCC e DVCC 5 5V AVCC e DVCC 1 V (min) V (max) mA (max) pF V (min) V (max) V (max) mA

REFERENCE INPUT CHARACTERISTICS VREF RREF CREF Input Voltage Range Input Resistance Input Capacitance Full-Scale Data Input V kX (min) kX (max) pF

VBIAS INPUT CHARACTERISTICS VBIAS Input Voltage Range Input Leakage CBIAS Input Capacitance mA pF

BANDGAP REFERENCE CHARACTERISTICS (CL e 220mF) VREFOUT DVREF DT Output Voltage Tempco Line Regulation DVREF DIL ISC Load Regulation Short Circuit Current (Note 5V k VCC 0 mA VREFOUT 2% V ppm mV mA

AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS tDS tDH tCS tCH fWMAX fRMAX tH tL Data Setup Time Data Hold Time Control Setup Time Control Hold Time Clock Frequency Write Clock Frequency Readback Minimum Clock High Time Minimum Clock Low Time ns (min) ns (min) ns (min) ns (min) MHz (max) MHz (max) ns (min) ns (min)



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