DAC14135PCASM Datasheet

DAC14135 - 14-Bit, 135MSPS D/A Converter, Package: Tssop, Pin Nb=48


Features, Applications

The is a monolithic 14-bit, 135MSPS digital-to-analog converter. The device has been optimized for use in cellular base stations and other applications where high resolution, high sampling rate, wide dynamic range, and compact size are required. The DAC14135 has many integrated features including a proprietary segmented DAC core, differential current outputs, a band-gap voltage reference, and TTL/CMOS compatible inputs. The converter features an 85dBc spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) at low frequencies and a 70dBc SFDR with 20MHz output signals. The 48-pin TSSOP package provides an extremely small footprint for applications where space is a critical consideration. The DAC14135 operates from a single +5V power supply. The digital power supply can also operate from +3.3V for lower power consumption and compatibility with +3.3V data inputs. The DAC14135 is fabricated a 0.5�m CMOS process and is specified over the industrial temperature range to +85�C. National Semiconductor thoroughly tests each part to verify full compliance with the guaranteed specifications.


135 MSPS Wide dynamic range SFDR @ 1MHz fout: 85dBc SFDR @ 5MHz fout: 79dBc SFDR @ 20MHz fout: 70dBc Differential Current Outputs Low power consumption: 185mW Very small package: 48-pin TSSOP TTL/CMOS or +5V) inputs


Cellular Basestations: GSM, WCDMA, DAMPS, etc. Multi-carrier Basestations Multi-standard Basestations Direct digital synthesis (DDS) ADSL modems HFC modems

(sample rate = 135MSPS, Tmin = -40�C, Tmax = +85�C, AVDD = +5V, DVDD = +5V, CVDD = +5V, full scale current = 20mA, differential 50 doubly terminated output, unless specified otherwise)

RESOLUTION FULL SCALE CURRENT MAXIMUM CONVERSION RATE SFDR (1ST Nyquist band) SFDR (1ST Nyquist band) SFDR (1ST Nyquist band) NOISE FLOOR DYNAMIC LINEARITY @ DVDD = +5V spurious-free dynamic range fout = 1MHz fout = 5MHz fout = 20MHz SFDR within a band four-tone SFDR DYNAMIC LINEARITY @ DVDD = +3.3V spurious-free dynamic range fout = 1MHz fout = 5MHz fout = 20MHz DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS glitch impulse settling time to 0.1% rise time fall time

fout 1MHz, 0dBFS fout 5MHz, 0dBFS fout 20MHz, 0dBFS fout 5MHz, 0dBFS sample rate 135MSPS 1ST Nyquist band 0dBFS fout 20MHz, 4MHz band MHz sample rate 100MSPS 1ST Nyquist band 0dBFS, DVDD +3.3V 0dBFS, DVDD +3.3V 0dBFS, DVDD = +3.3V

DC ACCURACY AND PERFORMANCE differential non-linearity integral non-linearity gain error gain drift 20mA output current offset error reference voltage ANALOG OUTPUT PERFORMANCE full scale current compliance voltage (high) compliance voltage (low) output resistance output capacitance DATA INPUTS input logic low voltage, VIL input logic high voltage, VIH input logic low voltage, VIL input logic high voltage, VIH input logic low current, IIL input logic high current, IIH TIMING maximum conversion rate setup time (TS) hold time (TH) propagation delay (TPD) latency CLOCK INPUTS clock inputs internal self bias differential clock input swing differential clock input slew rate clock input impedance (single-ended)

Min/max ratings are based on product characterization and simulation. Individual parameters are tested as noted. Outgoing quality levels are determined from tested parameters.

POWER REQUIREMENTS analog supply current digital supply current digital supply current power consumption power consumption AVDD power supply rejection ratio

1) 2) These parameters are 100% tested at 25�C. These parameters are sample tested -40�C, +25�C and +85�C. 3) Defined as the net area of undesired output transients in pV-s at a major transition.

positive supply voltage (VDD) analog output voltage range digital input voltage range output short circuit duration junction temperature storage temperature range lead solder duration -0.7V to +VDD -0.5V to +VDD infinite 150�C 10sec

positive analog supply voltage positive digital supply voltage positive clock supply voltage operating temperature range to +85�C

Note: Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values, to be applied individually, and beyond which the serviceability of the circuit may be impaired. Functional operability under any of these conditions is not necessarily implied. Exposure to maximum ratings for extended periods may affect device reliability.

Model DAC14135MTX DAC14135PCASM Temperature Range to +85�C Description 48-pin TSSOP (industrial temperature range) 48-pin TSSOP (TNR 1000 pc reel) Fully loaded evaluation board with DAC14135... ready for test.



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