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DESCRIPTION The DFC10 Series provides power converter solutions to meet commercial and industrial requirements. With power densities above 11 watts per cubic inch (0.67 watts per cm3), overcurrent protection, and five-sided shielded case, the DFC10 meets the most rigorous needs in an industry standard case size. The 220KHz operating frequency of the DFC10 Series allows an increased power density while including adequate heat sinking and input/output filtering. This eliminates the need for external components in most applications. Full overload protection is provided by pulse-by-pulse current limiting. FEATURES High Power Density, to 11 Watts per Cubic Inch (0.67 watts per cm3) Efficiencies to 83% (Lower for 3.3V) Low Input to Output Capacitance 700V Isolation(1544V for 48V Converters) Continuous Overcurrent Protection 3.3Volt Output Available Five-Side Shielded Copper Case Extended Input Range (2:1)

Mechanical tolerances unless otherwise noted: X.XX dimensions: �0.020 inches X.XXX dimensions: �0.005 inches

(1) All parameters measured = 25�C, nominal input voltage and full rated load unless otherwise noted. Refer to the Technical Reference Section for the definition of terms, measurement circuits and other information. The Case is tied to the -Input pin. The functional temperature range is intended to give an additional data point for use in evaluating this power supply. At the low functional temperature the power supply will function with no side effects, however, sustained operation at the high functional temperature will reduce expected operational life. The data sheet specifications are not guaranteed beyond the case operating range. The case thermal impedance is specified as the case temperature rise over ambient per package watt dissipated.

(1) All parameters measured = 25�C, nominal input voltage and full rated load unless otherwise noted. Refer to the Technical Reference Section for the definition of terms, measurement circuits and other information. Noise is measured per Technical Reference Section. Measurement bandwidth is 0-20 MHz for peak-peak measurements, 10 kHz to 1 MHz for RMS measurements. Output noise is measured with / 100V ceramic capacitor in parallel with / 35V Tantalum capacitor, 1 inch from the output pins to simulate standard PCB decoupling capacitance. Short term stability is specified after a 30 minute warmup at full load, constant line and recording the drift over a 24 hour period. The input ripple rejection is specified for 120 Hz ripple with a modulation amplitude 1% of Vin.

greater than 0.25 ohms. Input capacitors with an ESR less than 0.25 ohms may cause peaking of the input filter and actually degrade circuit performance. External output capacitance is not required for operation, however it is recommended that 10F of tantalum and to 0.1F ceramic capacitance be selected for reduced system noise. Additional output capacitance may be added for increased filtering, but should not exceed 400F. Negative Outputs A negative output voltage may be obtained by connecting the +OUT to circuit ground and connecting -OUT as the negative output.

DFC10 SERIES APPLICATION NOTES: External Capacitance Requirements No external capacitance is required for operation of the DFC10 Series. If a capacitive input source is farther than 1" from the converter, an additional capacitor may be required at the input pins for proper operation. This input capacitor should have an ESR 2

Typical Performance: (Tc=25�C, Vin=Nom VDC, Rated Load)

NUCLEAR AND MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Power-One products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support systems, equipment used in hazardous environments, or nuclear control systems without the express written consent of the President of Power-One, Inc. TECHNICAL REVISIONS The appearance of products, including safety agency certifications pictured on labels, may change depending on the date manufactured. Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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Manufacturer information

Power-One has been acquired by Bel Fuse and is now marketed under Bel Power Solutions.

Power-One has been a leader in high-efficiency "green" power conversion and management solutions, including renewable energy. Power-One's green products include DC-DC converters and power supplies.

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