DFM100PXM33 Datasheet

100a 3300v Series PaIR Fast Diode Module


Features, Applications

Fast Recovery Diode Module Preliminary Information

s Low Reverse Recovery Charge s High Switching Speed s Low Forward Voltage Drop s Isolated Base s MMC Baseplate With AlN Substrates


s Chopper Diodes s Boost and Buck Converters s Free-wheel Circuits s Snubber Circuits s Resonant Converters s Induction Heating s Multi-level Switch Inverters

Common anode, part number: DFM100PXM33-A006 Series connection, part number: DFM100PXM33-A000

The DFM100PXM33-A000 module houses a series connected pair of 3300 volt, fast recovery diodes (FRDs). Designed for low power loss, the module is suitable for a variety of high voltage applications in motor drives and power conversion. Configurations with common cathode and common anode are available on request. Fast switching times and low reverse recovery losses allow high frequency operation making the device suitable for the latest drive designs employing pwm and high frequency switching. These modules incorporate electrically isolated base plates and low inductance construction enabling circuit designers to optimise circuit layouts and utilise grounded heat sinks for safety.

DFM100PXM33-A000 - Series connection DFM100PXM33-A005 - Common cathode DFM100PXM33-A006 - Common anode

Note: When ordering, please use the complete part number. Outline type code: P (See package details for further information) Fig. 2 Electrical connections - (not to scale)

Stresses above those listed under 'Absolute Maximum Ratings' may cause permanent damage to the device. In extreme conditions, as with all semiconductors, this may include potentially hazardous rupture of the package. Appropriate safety precautions should always be followed. Exposure to Absolute Maximum Ratings may affect device reliability. Tcase = 25�C unless stated otherwise Symbol VRRM IF IFM I2t Pmax Visol Qpd Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage Forward current (per arm) Max. forward current I2t value fuse current rating Maximum power dissipation Isolation voltage Partial discharge Tvj = 125�C DC, Tcase = 70�C Tcase = 10ms, Tvj = 125�C Tcase = 25�C, Tvj = 125�C Commoned terminals to base plate. AC RMS, 1 min, 1800V, 50Hz RMS Test Conditions Max. Units kV pC

Internal insulation: Baseplate material: Creepage distance: Clearance: CTI (Critical Tracking Index): AlN AlSiC 10mm 175 Test Conditions Continuous dissipation junction to case Rth(c-h) Thermal resistance - case to heatsink (per module) Tj Tstg Junction temperature Storage temperature range Screw torque Mounting - M6 Electrical connections - M5 Mounting torque 5Nm (with mounting grease) Nm 16 �C/kW Min. Typ. -

Parameter Thermal resistance - diode (per arm)

Tvj = 25�C unless stated otherwise. Symbol IRM VF Parameter Peak reverse current Forward voltage Test Conditions = 3300V, Tvj = 100A, Tvj 125�C L Inductance Min. Typ. 2.5 30 Max. 10 Units V nH

Tvj = 25�C unless stated otherwise. Symbol Irr Qrr Erec Parameter Reverse recovery current Reverse recovery charge Reverse recovery energy Test Conditions = 100A, dIF/dt = 1800V Min. Typ. 60 65 Max. Units �C mJ

Tvj = 125�C unless stated otherwise. Symbol Irr Qrr Erec Parameter Reverse recovery current Reverse recovery charge Reverse recovery energy Test Conditions = 100A, dIF/dt = 1800V Min. Typ. 95 110 Max. Units �C mJ



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