DG306AE Datasheet

225a 2500v Gto Thyristor


Features, Applications


s Variable speed A.C. motor drive inverters (VSD-AC) s Uninterruptable Power Supplies s High Voltage Converters s Choppers s Welding s Induction Heating s DC/DC Converters

KEY PARAMETERS 600A ITCM VDRM 2500V IT(AV) 225A dVD/dt 1000V/�s diT/dt 300A/�s

s Double Side Cooling s High Reliability In Service s High Voltage Capability s Fault Protection Without Fuses s High Surge Current Capability s Turn-off Capability Allows Reduction In Equipment Size And Weight. Low Noise Emission Reduces Acoustic Cladding Necessary For Environmental Requirements

Outline type code: E. See Package Details for further information.

Type Number Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VDRM VRRM 2500 16 Conditions

Symbol ITCM IT(AV) IT(RMS) Parameter Conditions Max. 225 350 Units A

Repetitive peak controllable on-state current = 125oC, diGQ/dt = 1.0�F Mean on-state current RMS on-state current THS = 80oC. Double side cooled. Half sine 50Hz. THS = 80oC. Double side cooled. Half sine 50Hz.

Symbol ITSM I2t diT/dt Parameter Surge (non-repetitive) on-state current I2t for fusing Critical rate of rise of on-state current Conditions 10ms half sine. 125oC 10ms half sine. = 125oC, IFG > 20A, Rise time To 66% VDRM; RGK = 125oC dVD/dt Rate of rise of off-state voltage To 66% VDRM; VRG = 125oC Peak stray inductance in snubber circuit 1000 200 Max. Units kA A2s A/�s V/�s nH

Symbol VRGM IFGM PFG(AV) PRGM diGQ/dt tON(min) tOFF(min) Parameter Peak reverse gate voltage Peak forward gate current Average forward gate power Peak reverse gate power Rate of rise of reverse gate current Minimum permissable on time Minimum permissable off time Conditions This value maybe exceeded during turn-off Min. 20 40 Max. Units W kW A/�s �s

Symbol Parameter Conditions Double side cooled Rth(j-hs) DC thermal resistance - junction to heatsink surface Anode side cooled Cathode side cooled Rth(c-hs) Tvj TOP/Tstg Contact thermal resistance Virtual junction temperature Operating junction/storage temperature range Clamping force Clamping force 6.0kN With mounting compound per contact Min. -40 5.0 Max. Units

= 125oC unless stated otherwise Symbol VTM IDM IRRM VGT IGT IRGM EON td tr EOFF tgs tgf tgq QGQ QGQT IGQM On-state voltage Peak off-state current Peak reverse current Gate trigger voltage Gate trigger current Reverse gate cathode current Turn-on energy Delay time Rise time Turn-off energy Storage time Fall time Gate controlled turn-off time Turn-off gate charge Total turn-off gate charge Peak reverse gate current IT =600A, VDM = 2000V Snubber Cap = 1.0�F, diGQ/dt = 15A/�s Parameter Conditions At 600A peak, IG(ON) = 2A d.c. VDRM = 2500V, VRG 0V At VRRM = 25oC VRGM 16V, No gate/cathode resistor = 600A, dIT/dt = 300A/�s IFG = 20A, rise time < 1.0�s Min. Max. Units �C A



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