DG528AK/883 Datasheet

Latchable Single 8-/Differential 4-Ch Analog Multiplexers


Features, Applications


Low rDS(on): W 44-V Power Supply Rating On-Board Address Latches Break-Before-Make Low Leakage--ID(on): 30 pA

Improved System Accuracy Microporcessor Bus Compatible Easily Interfaced Reduced Crosstalk

Data Acquisition Systems Automatic Test Equipment Avionics and Military Systems Medical Instrumentation


The an 8-channel single-ended analog multiplexer designed to connect one of eight inputs to a common output as determined a 3-bit binary address a 4-channel dual analog multiplexer, is designed to connect one of four differential inputs to a common differential output as determined by its 2-bit binary address (A0, A1) logic. applications. Break-before-make switching action protects against momentary shorting of the input signals. The DG528/529 are built on the improved PLUS-40 CMOS process. A buried layer prevents latchup.

These analog multiplexers have on-chip address and control latches to simplify design in microprocessor based

The on chip TTL-compatible address latches simplify digital interface design and reduce board space in data acquisition systems, process controls, avionics, and ATE.

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Voltage Referenced to V� V+. 44 V GND. 25 V Digital Inputsa, VS, VD. (V�) V to (V+) or 30 mA, whichever occurs first Current (Any Terminal Except S or D). 30 mA Continuous Current, 20 mA Peak Current, or D (Pulsed at 1 ms, 10% Duty Cycle Max). 40 mA Storage Temperature (AK, BK Suffix). to 150_C (CJ, DN Suffix). to 125_C Power Dissipation (Package)b 18-Pin Plastic DIPc. mW 18-Pin CerDIPd. mW 20-Pin PLCCe. 800 mW

Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX or INX exceeding or V� will be clamped by internal diodes. Limit forward diode current to maximum current ratings. b. All leads soldered or welded to PC board. c. Derate 6.3 mW/_C above 75_C. d. Derate 1.2 mW/_C above 75_C. e. Derate 10 mW/_C above 75_C.

Test Conditions Unless Otherwise Specified Parameter Analog Switch

Logic Input Current IAH Input Voltage High Logic Input Current Input Voltage Low IAL 15 V VEN 2.4 V Room Hot Room Hot Room Hot mA

Transition Time Break-Before-Make Interval EN and WR Turn-On Time EN and WR Turn-Off Time Charge Injection tTRANS tOPEN tON(EN, WR) tOFF(EN, WR) Q See Figure 5 See Figure 4 See Figures 6 and 7 See Figures 6 and 10 mF

VEN 1 kW Off Isolation Logic Input Capacitance Source Off Capacitance OIRR Cin CS(off) CD(off) = 7 VRMS, = 500 kHz = 1 MHz VEN VS 140 kHz VEN VD 140 kHz DG528 DG529 Room 12 dB

Write Pulse Width , EN Setup Time , EN Hold Time Reset Pulse Width tS tH tRS 5 V, See Figure 3 Full ns



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