DRV8432DKDR Datasheet

Dual Full-Bridge PWM Motor Driver


The DRV841x2 are high-performance, integrated dual full-bridge motor driver with an advanced protection system.
Because of the low RDS(on) of the H-Bridge MOSFETs and intelligent gate drive design, the efficiency of these motor drivers can be up to 97%. This high efficiency enables the use of smaller power supplies and heatsinks, and the devices are good candidates for energy-efficient applications.
The DRV841x2 requires two power supplies, one at 12 V for GVDD and VDD, and another up to 50 V for PVDD. The DRV841x2 can operate at up to 500-kHz switching frequency while still maintaining precise control and high efficiency. The devices also have an innovative protection system safeguarding the device against a wide range of fault conditions that could damage the system. These safeguards are short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, and two-stage thermal protection. The DRV841x2 has a current-limiting circuit that prevents device shutdown during load transients such as motor start-up. A programmable overcurrent detector allows adjustable current limit and protection level to meet different motor requirements.
The DRV841x2 has unique independent supply and ground pins for each half-bridge. These pins make it possible to provide current measurement through external shunt resistor and support multiple motors with different power supply voltage requirements.

• High-Efficiency Power Stage (up to 97%) With
   Low RDS(on) MOSFETs (110 mΩ at TJ = 25°C)
• Operating Supply Voltage up to 52 V
• DRV8412 (Power Pad Down): up to 2 × 3-A
   Continuous Output Current (2 × 6-A Peak) in Dual
   Full-Bridge Mode or 6-A Continuous Current in
   Parallel Mode (12-A Peak)
• DRV8432 (Power Pad Up): up to 2 × 7-A
   Continuous Output Current (2 × 12-A Peak) in
   Dual Full-Bridge Mode or 14-A Continuous
   Current in Parallel Mode (24-A Peak)
• PWM Operating Frequency up to 500 kHz
• Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including
   Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Overload, and
   Short Circuit
• Programmable Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
• Independent Supply and Ground Pins for Each
   Half Bridge
• Intelligent Gate Drive and Cross Conduction
• No External Snubber or Schottky Diode is

• Brushed DC and Stepper Motors
• Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous
• Robotic and Haptic Control System
• Actuators and Pumps
• Precision Instruments
• TEC Drivers
• LED Lighting Drivers



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