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The ISP1581BD is a cost-optimized and feature-optimized Universal Serial Bus (USB)interface device, which fully complies with the Universal Serial Bus SpecificationRev. 2.0. It provides high-speed USB communication capacity to systems based on amicrocontroller or microprocessor. The ISP1581BD communicates with the system’smicrocontroller/processor through a high-speed general-purpose parallel interface.The ISP1581BD supports automatic detection of USB 2.0 system operation. TheUSB 1.1 fall-back mode allows the device to remain operational under full-speedconditions. It is designed as a generic USB interface device so that it can fit into allexisting device classes, such as: Imaging Class, Mass Storage Devices,Communication Devices, Printing Devices and Human Interface Devices.The internal generic DMA block allows easy integration into data streamingapplications. In addition, the various configurations of the DMA block are tailored formass storage applications.The modular approach to implementing a USB interface device allows the designer toselect the optimum system microcontroller from the wide variety available. The abilityto re-use existing architecture and firmware investments shortens the developmenttime, eliminates risk and reduces costs. The result is fast and efficient development ofthe most cost-effective USB peripheral solution.The ISP1581BD is ideally suited for many types of peripherals, such as: printers;scanners; magneto-optical (MO), compact disc (CD), digital video disc (DVD) andZip®/Jaz® drives; digital still cameras; USB-to-Ethernet links; cable and DSLmodems. The low power consumption during ‘suspend’ mode allows easy design ofequipment that is compliant to the ACPI™, OnNow™ and USB power managementrequirements.The ISP1581BD also incorporates features such as SoftConnect™, a reducedfrequency crystal oscillator and integrated termination resistors. These features allowsignificant cost savings in system design and easy implementation of advanced USBfunctionality into PC peripherals. ISP1581BD Features • Complies fully with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0• Complies with most Device Class specifications• High performance USB interface device with integrated Serial Interface Engine(SIE), FIFO memory, data transceiver and 3.3 V voltage regulators• Supports automatic USB 2.0 mode detection and USB 1.1 fall-back mode• High speed DMA interface• Fully autonomous and multi-configuration DMA operation• Up to 14 programmable USB endpoints with 2 fixed control IN/OUT endpoints• Integrated physical 8 kbyte of multi-configuration FIFO memory• Endpoints with double buffering to increase throughput and ease real-time datatransfer• Bus independent interface with most microcontroller/microprocessors(16 Mbytes/s or 16 Mwords/s)• Bus-powered capability with low power consumption and low ‘suspend’ current• 12 MHz crystal oscillator with integrated PLL for low EMI• Software controlled connection to the USB bus (SoftConnect™)• Complies with the ACPI™, OnNow™ and USB power management requirements• Internal power-on and low-voltage reset circuit, also supporting a software reset• Operation over the extended USB bus voltage range (4.0 to 5.5 V) with 5 Vtolerant I/O pads• Operating temperature range -40 to +85 °C• 12 kV in-circuit ESD protection on human accessible pins such as D+ and D-• Full-scan design with high fault coverage (>99%)• Available in LQFP64 package. ISP1581BD Applications • Personal digital assistant (PDA)• Mass storage device, e.g., Zip®, Jaz®, MO, CD, DVD drive• Digital camera• Communication device, e.g. router, modem• Printer&bull


[{"Name":"Voltage - Supply","Value":"3 V ~ 3.6 V"},{"Name":"Current - Supply","Value":"130mA"},{"Name":"Operating Temperature","Value":"-40°C ~ 85°C"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, application-specific, standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets. Diodes Incorporated primarily serves the computing, consumer, communications, industrial and automotive segments. Diodes’ diverse product portfolio includes parts for LCD/LED TVs and displays, desktop, notebook and tablet computing, smartphones and hand-held devices, set-top boxes, power supplies and USB protection as well as many other application areas.

Diodes Incorporated offers a wide array of products including diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, gate drivers, protection devices, function-specific arrays, amplifiers and comparators, Hall-effect sensors and temperature sensors, power management devices including LED drivers, AC-DC converters and controllers, DC-DC switching regulators, linear voltage regulators, current monitors, and voltage reference and shunt regulators, along with special function devices including USB power switches, load switch devices, voltage supervisors and motor controllers.

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