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The LM111( LM311DRE4 ), LM211, and LM311 are single high-speed voltage comparators. These devices are designed to operate from a wide range of power-supply voltages, including ±15-V supplies for operational amplifiers and 5-V supplies for logic systems. The output levels are compatible with most TTL and MOS circuits. These comparators are capable of driving lamps or relays and switching voltages up to 50 V at 50 mA. All inputs and outputs can be isolated from system ground. The outputs can drive loads referenced to ground, VCC+ or VCC−. Offset balancing and strobe capabilities are available, and the outputs can be wire-OR connected. If the strobe is low, the output is in the off state, regardless of the differential input. LM311DRE4 Features • Fast Response Times• Strobe Capability• Maximum Input Bias Current . . . 300 nA• Maximum Input Offset Current . . . 70 nA• Can Operate From Single 5-V Supply• Available in Q-Temp Automotive− High-Reliability Automotive Applications− Configuration Control/Print Support− Qualification to Automotive Standards

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