M5M44265CTP Datasheet



This is a family of 262144-word by 16-bit dynamic RAMs with Hyper Page mode fuction, fabricated with the high performance CMOS process, and is ideal for the buffer memory systems of personal computer graphics and HDD where high speed, low power dissipation, and low costs are essential.
The use of double-layer metalization process technology and a single-transistor dynamic storage stacked capacitor cell provide high circuit density at reduced costs. Multiplexed address inputs permit both a reduction in pins and an increase in system densities. Self or extended refresh current is low enough for battery back-up application.
This device has 2CAS and 1W terminals with a refresh cycle of 512 cycles every 8.2ms.

• Standard 40pin SOJ, 44 pin TSOP (II)
• Single 5V±10% supply
• Low stand-by power dissipation
   CMOS Input level--------------------------5.5mW (Max)
   CMOS Input level--------------------------550µW (Max)*
• Operating power dissipation
   M5M44265Cxx-5,-5S--------------------------688mW (Max)
   M5M44265Cxx-6,-6S--------------------------605mW (Max)
   M5M44265Cxx-7,-7S--------------------------523mW (Max)
• Self refresh capability*
   Self refresh current--------------------------150µA (Max)
• Extended refresh capability
   Extended refresh current--------------------------150µA (Max)
• Hyper-page mode (512-column random access), Read-modify write, RAS-only refresh, CAS before RAS refresh, Hidden refresh capabilities.
• Early-write mode, OE and W to control output buffer impedance
• 512 refresh cycles every 8.2ms (A0~A8)
• 512 refresh cycles every 128ms (A0~A8)*
• Byte or word control for Read/Write operation (2CAS, 1W type)
* : Applicable to self refresh version (M5M44265CJ,TP-5S,-6S,-7S : option) only

  Microcomputer memory, Refresh memory for CRT, Frame Buffer memory for CRT




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Mitsubishi Electric was established in 1921 as a manufacturer of electric motors and has grown into a 35-country global giant that introduces and refines breakthrough technologies in electronics. Registered to ISO 16949, Mitsubishi Electric has adopted "Changes for the Better" as a corporate statement to express their commitment to creating better products. Mitsubishi's LED technology is unique, producing the world's first large-scale LED screen for sports arenas and the world's largest CRT television screen. The Mitsubishi TFT-LCD product line features LED backlighting and many include CMOS and LVDS interfaces or touch panel screens. LC modes include TN and IPS technology. The TFT-LCD's are available in VGA, SVGA, WVGA, and QVGA, among others.

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