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The CMOS MC145010P is an advanced smoke detector component containing sophisticated very-low-power analog and digital circuitry. The IC is used with an infrared photoelectric chamber. Detection is accomplished by sensingscattered light from minute smoke particles or other aerosols. When detection occurs, a pulsating alarm is sounded via on-chip push-pull drivers and an external piezoelectric transducer.The variable-gain photo amplifier allows direct interface to IR detectors (photodiodes). Two external capacitors, C1 and C2, C1 being the larger, determine the gain settings. Low gain is selected by the IC during most of the standby state. Medium gain is selected during a local-smoke condition. High gain is used during push button test. During standby, the special monitor circuit which periodically checks for degraded chamber sensitivity uses high gain, also.The I/O pin, in combination with VSS, can be used to interconnect up to 40 units for common signaling. An on-chip current sink provides noise immunity when the I/O is an input. A local-smoke condition activates the short-circuit-protected I/O driver, thereby signaling remote smoke to the interconnected units. Additionally, the I/O pin can be used to activate escape lights, enable auxiliary or remote alarms, and/or initiate auto-dialers.While in standby, the low-supply detection circuitry conducts periodic checks using a pulsed load current from the LED pin. The trip point is set using two external resistors. The supply for the MC145010 can be a 9 V battery.A visible LED flash accompanying a pulsating audible alarm indicates a localsmoke condition. A pulsating audible alarm with no LED flash indicates a remotesmoke condition. A beep or chirp occurring virtually simultaneously with an LED flash indicates a low-supply condition. A beep occurring half-way between LED flashes indicates degraded chamber sensitivity. A low-supply condition does not affect the smoke detection capability if VDD ≥ 6 V. Therefore, the low-supply condition and degraded chamber sensitivity can be further distinguished by performing a push button (chamber) test. MC145010P Features • Circuit is designed to operate in smoke detector systems that comply with UL217 and UL268 Specifications• Operating Voltage Range: 6 to 12 V• Operating Temperature Range: - 10 to 60°C• Average Supply Current: 12 µA• Power-On Reset Places IC in Standby Mode (Non-Alarm State)• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Latch Up Protection Circuitry on All Pins• Chip Complexity: 2000 FETs, 12 NPNs, 16 Resistors, and 10 Capacitors• Ideal for battery powered applications.


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