MK20DX256ZVLH10R Datasheet

K20 Sub-Family


Part numbers for the chip have fields that identify the specific part. You can use the values of these fields to determine the specific part you have received.

• Operating Characteristics
   – Voltage range: 1.71 to 3.6 V
   – Flash write voltage range: 1.71 to 3.6 V
   – Temperature range (ambient): -40 to 105°C
• Performance
   – Up to 100 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 core with DSP instructions delivering 1.25 Dhrystone MIPS per MHz
• Memories and memory interfaces
   – Up to 512 KB program flash memory on non FlexMemory devices
   – Up to 256 KB program flash memory on FlexMemory devices
   – Up to 256 KB FlexNVM on FlexMemory devices
   – 4 KB FlexRAM on FlexMemory devices
   – Up to 128 KB RAM
   – Serial programming interface (EzPort)
   – FlexBus external bus interface
   – 3 to 32 MHz crystal oscillator
   – 32 kHz crystal oscillator
   – Multi-purpose clock generator
• System peripherals
   – 10 low-power modes to provide power optimization based on application requirements
   – Memory protection unit with multi-master protection
   – 16-channel DMA controller, supporting up to 64 request sources
   – External watchdog monitor
   – Software watchdog
   – Low-leakage wakeup unit
• Security and integrity modules
   – Hardware CRC module to support fast cyclic redundancy checks
   – 128-bit unique identification (ID) number per chip
• Human-machine interface
   – Low-power hardware touch sensor interface (TSI)
   – General-purpose input/output
• Analog modules
   – Two 16-bit SAR ADCs
   – Programmable gain amplifier (PGA) (up to x64) integrated into each ADC
   – 12-bit DAC
   – Three analog comparators (CMP) containing a 6-bit DAC and programmable reference input
   – Voltage reference
• Timers
   – Programmable delay block
   – Eight-channel motor control/general purpose/PWM timer
   – Two 2-channel quadrature decoder/general purpose timers
   – Periodic interrupt timers
   – 16-bit low-power timer
   – Carrier modulator transmitter
   – Real-time clock
• Communication interfaces
   – USB full-/low-speed On-the-Go controller with on chip transceiver
   – Two Controller Area Network (CAN) modules
   – Two SPI modules
   – Two I2C modules
   – Four UART modules
   – Secure Digital host controller (SDHC)
   – I2S module



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