MM6559D Datasheet

High Precision Operational Amplifier


This IC is a high precision operational amplifier, which is pin compatible with general use operational amplifier 4558, and has greatly improved input offset voltage and drift voltage. The offset is much smaller than for a general use operational amplifier, so offset adjustment is not needed. This contributes to reduction in the number of processes. Also, drift relative to stress is greatly reduced, so there is much less effect of stress due to IC strain and the like.

1. Low input offset voltage ±power supply 0.1mV typ. (MM6558, MM6559, MM6560, MM6561, MM6572)
single power supply 0.2mV typ. (MM6564, MM6565)
2. Low input offset drift ±power supply ±1µV/°C typ. (MM6558, MM6559, MM6560, MM6561, MM6572)
single power supply ±2µV/°C typ. (MM6564, MM6565)
3. Current consumption ±power supply 3.0mA typ. (MM6558, MM6559)
3.5mA typ. (MM6560, MM6572)
1.7mA typ. (MM6561)
single power supply 0.35mA typ. (MM6564)
0.35mA typ. (MM6565)
4. Through rate ±power supply 3V/µS (MM6558, MM6559, MM6560, MM6561)
6V/µS (MM6572)
single power supply 1V/µS (MM6564, MM6565)
5. Input conversion ±power supply 1.2µVrms (MM6558, MM6559, MM6560, MM6561)
interference voltage 0.5µVrms (MM6572)
single power supply 1.8µVrms (MM6564)
2.0µVrms (MM6565)

1. SOP-8C, SOP-8E (MM65 F)
2. DIP-8B (MM65 D)
3. SIP-8A (MM65 S)

1. Office automation equipment
2. measurement equipment
3. sensor equipment



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