NCP1014ST65T3G Datasheet

PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers


The NCP1014ST65T3G series integrates a fixed--frequency current--mode controller and a 700 V MOSFET. Housed in a PDIP--7,PDIP--7 GullWing, or SOT--223 package, the NCP1014ST65T3G offers everything needed to build a rugged and low--cost power supply,including soft--start, frequency jittering, short--circuit protection,skip--cycle, a maximum peak current setpoint and a Dynamic Self--Supply (no need for an auxiliary winding).Unlike other monolithic solutions, the NCP1014ST65T3G is quiet by nature: during nominal load operation, the part switches at one of the available frequencies (65 -- 100 -- 130 kHz). When the current setpoint falls below a given value, e.g. the output power demand diminishes, the IC automatically enters the so--called skip--cycle mode and provides excellent efficiency at light loads. Because this occurs at typically 1/4 of the maximum peak value, no acoustic noise takes place. As a result,standby power is reduced to the minimum without acoustic noise generation.Short--circuit detection takes place when the feedback signal fades away, e.g. in true short--circuit conditions or in broken Optocoupler cases. External disabling is easily done either simply by pulling the feedback pin down or latching it to ground through an inexpensive SCR for complete latched--off. Finally soft--start and frequency jittering further ease the designer task to quickly develop low--cost and robust offline power supplies.For improved standby performance, the connection of an auxiliary winding stops the DSS operation and helps to consume less than 100 mW at high line. In this mode, a built--in latched overvoltage protection prevents from lethal voltage runaways in case the Optocoupler would brake. These devices are available in economical 8--pin dual--in--line and 4--pin SOT--223 packages. NCP1014ST65T3G Features • Built--in 700 V MOSFET with Typical RDSon of 11 Ω and 22 Ω• Large Creepage Distance Between High--Voltage Pins• Current--Mode Fixed Frequency Operation: 65 kHz – 100 kHz -- 130 kHz• Skip--Cycle Operation at Low Peak Currents Only: No Acoustic Noise!• Dynamic Self--Supply, No Need for an Auxiliary Winding• Internal 1.0 ms Soft--Start• Latched Overvoltage Protection with Auxiliary Winding Operation• Frequency Jittering for Better EMI Signature• Auto--Recovery Internal Output Short--Circuit Protection• Below 100 mW Standby Power if Auxiliary Winding is Used• Internal Temperature Shutdown• Direct Optocoupler Connection• SPICE Models Available for TRANsient Analysis• These are Pb--Free and Halide--Free Devices NCP1014ST65T3G Applications • Low Power AC/DC Adapters for Chargers• Auxiliary Power Supplies (USB, Appliances,TVs, etc.)


[{"Name":"Frequency Range","Value":"59kHz ~ 71kHz"},{"Name":"Voltage - Input","Value":"8.1 V ~ 10 V"},{"Name":"Voltage - Breakdown","Value":"700V"},{"Name":"Power (Watts)","Value":"19W"},{"Name":"Operating Temperature","Value":"-40°C ~ 125°C"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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