O9039A344IZWSRQ1 Datasheet

Automotive Power Management Unit (PMU) for Processor


The TPS659038-Q1 and TPS659039-Q1 devices are integrated power-management integrated circuits (PMICs) for automotive applications. The device provides seven configurable step-down converters with up to 6 A of output current for memory, processor core, input-output (I/O), or preregulation of LDOs. One of these configurable step-down converters can be combined with another 3-A regulator to allow up to 9 A of output current. All of the step-down converters can synchronize to an external clock source between 1.7 Mhz and 2.7 MHz, or an internal fall back clock at 2.2 MHz. The TPS659038-Q1 device contains 11 LDO regulators while the TPS659039-Q1 device contains six LDO regulators for external use. These LDO regulators can be supplied from either a system supply or a preregulated supply. The power-up and power-down controller is configurable and supports any power-up and power-down sequences (OTP based). The TPS659038-Q1 and TPS659039-Q1 devices include a 32-kHz RC oscillator to sequence all resources during power up and power down. In cases where a fast start up is needed, a 16-MHz crystal oscillator is also included to quickly generate a stable 32-kHz for the system. All LDOs and SMPS converters can be controlled by the SPI or I2C interface, or by power request signals. In addition, voltage scaling registers allow transitioning the SMPS to different voltages by SPI, I2C, or roof and floor control. One dedicated pin in each package can be configured as part of the power-up sequence to control external resources. General-purpose input-output (GPIO) functionality is available and two GPIOs can be configured as part of the power-up sequence to control external resources. Power request signals enable power mode control for power optimization. The device includes a general-purpose (GP) sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with three external input channels. The TPS659038-Q1 and TPS659039- Q1 device is available in a 13-ball × 13-ball nFBGA package with a 0,8-mm pitch.

• Qualified for Automotive Applications
   – AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results:
   – Temperature Grade 3: –40°C to 85°C
   – ESD Classification:
   – HBM Level 2
   – CDM Level C4B
   – Latch-Up Classification:
   – Level IIB for I2C and SPI Terminals
   – Level IIA for all other Terminals
• Seven Step-Down Switched-Mode Power Supply
   (SMPS) Regulators:
   – One 0.7 to 1.65 V at 6 A (10-mV Steps)
   – Dual-Phase Configuration With Digital
      Voltage Scaling (DVS) Control
   – One 0.7 to 1.65 V at 4 A (10-mV Steps)
   – Dual-Phase Configuration With DVS Control
   – One 0.7 to 3.3 V at 3 A (10 or 20-mV Steps)
   – Single-Phase Configuration
   – This Regulator can be Combined With the 6
      A Resulting in a 9 A Triple-Phase Regulator
      (DVS Controlled)
   – Two 0.7 to 3.3 V at 2 A (10 or 20-mV Steps)
   – Single-Phase Configuration
   – One Regulator With DVS Control, Which can
      also be Configured as a 3-A Regulator
   – Two 0.7 to 3.3 V at 1 A (10 or 20-mV Steps)
   – Single-Phase Configuration
   – One Regulator With DVS Control
   – Output Current Measurement in All Except 1-A
      SMPS Regulators
   – Differential Remote Sensing (Output and
      Ground) in Dual-Phase and Triple-Phase
   – Hardware and Software-Controlled ECO
      mode™ up to 5 mA with 15-µA Quiescent
   – Short-Circuit Protection
   – Powergood Indication (Voltage and Overcurrent
   – Internal Soft-Start for In-Rush Current Limitation
   – Ability to synchronize SMPS to External Clock
      or Internal Fallback Clock With Phase
• Eleven General-Purpose Low Dropout (LDO)
   Regulators (50-mV Steps):
   – Four 0.9 to 3.3 V at 300 mA With Preregulated
   – Four 0.9 to 3.3 V at 200 mA With Preregulated
   – One 0.9 to 3.3 V at 50 mA With Preregulated
   – One 100-mA USB LDO
   – One Low-Noise LDO 0.9 to 3.3 V up to 100 mA
      (Low Noise Performance up to 50 mA)
   – Two Additional LDOs for PMU Internal Use
   – Short-Circuit Protection (Continue ...)

• Automotive Infotainment
• Automotive Digital Cluster
• Automotive Sensor Fusion
• Programmable Logic Controller



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Texas Instruments introduction - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. By employing the world's brightest minds, TI creates innovations that shape the future of technology. TI is helping more than 100,000 customers transform the future, today.

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