OPA690IDG4 Datasheet

High Speed Operational Amplifiers


The OPA3691( OPA690IDG4 ) sets a new level of performance for broadband, triple current-feedback op amps. Operating on a very low 5.1mA/ch supply current, the OPA3691 offers a slew rate and output power normally associated with a much higher supply current. A new output stage architecture delivers a high output current with minimal voltage headroom and crossover distortion. This gives exceptional singlesupply operation. Using a single +5V supply, the OPA3691 can deliver a 1V to 4V output swing with over 120mA drive current and 150MHz bandwidth. This combination of features makes the OPA3691 an ideal RGB line driver or single-supply Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) input driver. The OPA3691’s low 5.1mA/ch supply current is precisely trimmed at 25°C. This trim, along with low drift over temperature, ensures lower maximum supply current than competing products. System power may be further reduced by using the optional disable control pin. Leaving this disable pin open, or holding it HIGH, gives normal operation. If pulled LOW, the OPA3691 supply current drops to less than 150µA/ch while the output goes into a high impedance state. This feature may be used for power savings. OPA690IDG4 Features • UNITY-GAIN STABLE: 280MHz (G = 1)• HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT: 190mA• OUTPUT VOLTAGE SWING: ±4.0V• HIGH SLEW RATE: 2100V/µs• LOW SUPPLY CURRENT: 5.1mA/ch• LOW DISABLED CURRENT: 150µA/ch• IMPROVED HIGH-FREQUENCY PINOUT• WIDEBAND +5V OPERATION: 190MHz (G = +2) OPA690IDG4 Applications • RGB AMPLIFIERS• WIDEBAND INA• BROADBAND VIDEO BUFFERS• HIGH-SPEED IMAGING CHANNELS• PORTABLE INSTRUMENTS• ADC BUFFERS• ACTIVE FILTERS• CABLE DRIVERS


[{"Name":"Number of Channels:","Value":"1"},{"Name":"Input Offset Voltage:","Value":"4 mV"},{"Name":"Operating Supply Voltage:","Value":"12 V"},{"Name":" Supply Current:","Value":"5.8 mA "},{"Name":" Maximum Operating Temperature:","Value":"+ 85 C"},{"Name":" Minimum Operating Temperature:","Value":"- 40 C"},{"Name":"Settling Time:","Value":"8 ns"},{"Name":"Supply Voltage - Max:","Value":"12 V"},{"Name":"Supply Voltage - Min:","Value":"5 V"},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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