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100 mA, battrax quad negative SLIC protector


Product Description
SIDACtorcomponents are solid state crowbar devices designed to protect telecom equipment during hazardous transient conditions. Capitalizing on the latest in thyristor advancements, Teccor makes SIDACtordevices with a patented ion implant technology. This technology ensures effective protection within nanoseconds, up to 5000 A surge current ratings, and simple solutions for regulatory requirements such as GR 1089, TIA-968 (formerly known as FCC Part 68), ITU-T K.20, ITU-T K.21, and UL 60950.

Compared to surge suppression using other technologies, SIDACtordevices offer absolute surge protection regardless of the surge current available and the rate of applied voltage (dv/dt). SIDACtordevices:

•  Cannot be damaged by voltage
•  Eliminate hysteresis and heat dissipation typically found with clamping devices
•  Eliminate voltage overshoot caused by fast-rising transients
•  Are non-degenerative
•  Will not fatigue
•  Have low capacitance, making them ideal for high-speed transmission equipment

When protecting telecommunication circuits, SIDACtordevices are connected across Tip and Ring for metallic protection and across Tip and Ground and Ring and Ground for longitudinal protection. They typically are placed behind some type of current-limiting device, such as Teccor’s F1250T Telelinkslow blow fuse. Common applications include:

•  Central office line cards (SLICs)
•  T-1/E-1, ISDN, and xDSL transmission equipment
•  Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as phones, modems, and caller ID adjunct boxes
•  PBXs, KSUs, and other switches
•  Primary protection including main distribution frames, five-pin modules, building entrance equipment, and station protection modules
•  Data lines and security systems
•  CATV line amplifiers and power inserters
•  Sprinkler systems



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