P80C552EBA/08 Datasheet

Single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with 10-bit A/D, capture/compare timer, high-speed outputs, PWM


The 80C552/83C552 (hereafter generically referred to as 8XC552) Single-Chip 8-Bit Microcontroller is manufactured in an advanced CMOS process and is a derivative of the 80C51 microcontroller family. The 8XC552 has the same instruction set as the 80C51. Three versions of the derivative exist:
• 83C552—8 kbytes mask programmable ROM
• 80C552—ROMless version of the 83C552
• 87C552—8 kbytes EPROM (described in a separate chapter)

The 8XC552 contains a non-volatile 8k × 8 read-only program memory (83C552), a volatile 256 × 8 read/write data memory, five 8-bit I/O ports, one 8-bit input port, two 16-bit timer/event counters (identical to the timers of the 80C51), an additional 16-bit timer coupled to capture and compare latches, a 15-source, two-priority-level, nested interrupt structure, an 8-input ADC, a dual DAC pulse width modulated interface, two serial interfaces (UART and I2C-bus), a “watchdog” timer and on-chip oscillator and timing circuits. For systems that require extra capability, the 8XC552 can be expanded using standard TTL compatible memories and logic.

• 80C51 central processing unit
• 8k × 8 ROM expandable externally to 64 kbytes
• ROM code protection
• An additional 16-bit timer/counter coupled to four capture registers and three compare registers
• Two standard 16-bit timer/counters
• 256 × 8 RAM, expandable externally to 64 kbytes
• Capable of producing eight synchronized, timed outputs
• A 10-bit ADC with eight multiplexed analog inputs
• Two 8-bit resolution, pulse width modulation outputs
• Five 8-bit I/O ports plus one 8-bit input port shared with analog inputs
• I2C-bus serial I/O port with byte oriented master and slave functions
• Full-duplex UART compatible with the standard 80C51
• On-chip watchdog timer
• Three speed ranges:
   – 3.5 to 16 MHz
   – 3.5 to 24 MHz (ROM, ROMless only)
• Three operating ambient temperature ranges:
   – P83C552xBx: 0 °C to +70 °C
   – P83C552xFx: –40 °C to +85 °C
      (XTAL frequency max. 24 MHz)
   – P83C552xHx: –40 °C to +125 °C
      (XTAL frequency max. 16 MHz)



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Philips Semiconductors was acquired by NXP Semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors, formerly Philips Semiconductors, has fifty years of innovation and a rich IP portfolio that firmly establishes NXP as Europe's second largest semiconductor company.

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