S29GL256S12FFIV20 Datasheet

GL-S MirrorBit® Eclipse™ Flash Non-Volatile Memory Family


GL-S MirrorBit® Eclipse™ Flash Non-Volatile Memory Family
S29GL01GS  1 Gbit  (128 Mbyte)
S29GL512S  512 Mbit  (64 Mbyte)
S29GL256S  256 Mbit  (32 Mbyte)
S29GL128S  128 Mbit  (16 Mbyte)
CMOS 3.0 Volt Core with Versatile I/O

General Description
The Spansion® S29GL01G/512/256/128S are MirrorBit Eclipse flash products fabricated on 65 nm process technology. These devices offer a fast page access time as fast as 15 ns with a corresponding random access time asfast as 90 ns. They feature a Write Buffer that allows a maximum of 256 words/512 bytes to be programmed in one operation, resulting infaster effective
programming time than standard programming algorithms. Thismakes these devices ideal for today’s embedded applications that require higher density, better performance and lower power consumption.

Distinctive Characteristics
65 nm MirrorBit Eclipse Technology
Single supply (VCC) for read / program / erase (2.7V to 3.6V)
Versatile I/O Feature
       – Wide I/O voltage range (VIO): 1.65V to VCC
x16 data bus
Asynchronous 32-byte Page read
512-byte Programming Buffer
       – Programming in Page multiples, up to a maximum of 512 bytes
Single word and multiple program on same word options
Sector Erase
       – Uniform 128-kbyte sectors
Suspend and Resume commands for Program and Erase operations
Status Register, Data Polling, and Ready/Busy pin methods to determine device status
Advanced Sector Protection (ASP)
     – Volatile and non-volatile protection methods for each sector
Separate 1024-byte One Time Program (OTP) array with two lockable regions
Common Flash Interface (CFI) parameter table
Temperature Range
     – Industrial (-40°C to +85°C)
     – In-Cabin (-40°C to +105°C)
100,000 erase cycles for any sector typical
20-year data retention typical
Packaging Options
     – 56-pin TSOP
     – 64-ball LAA Fortified BGA, 13 mm x 11 mm
     – 64-ball LAE Fortified BGA, 9 mm x 9 mm
     – 56-ball VBU Fortified BGA, 9 mm x 7 mm




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