SC28L198A1A Datasheet

UART Interface IC


The Philips SC28L198A1A Octal UART is a single chip CMOS–LSIcommunications device that provides 8 full-duplex asynchronouschannels with significantly deeper 16 byte FIFOs, Automaticin–band flow control using Xon/Xoff characters defined by the userand address recognition in the wake up mode. Synchronous businterface is used for all communication between host and OCTART.It is fabricated using Philips 1.0 micron CMOS technology thatcombines the benefits of low cost, high density and low powerconsumption.The operating speed of each receiver and transmitter can beselected independently from one of 22 fixed baud rates, a 16X clockderived from one of two programmable baud rate counters or one ofthree external 16X clocks (1 available at 1x clock rate). The baudrate generator and counter can operate directly from a crystal orfrom seven other external or internal clock inputs. The ability toindependently program the operating speed of the receiver andtransmitter makes the Octal UART particularly attractive for dualspeed full duplex channel applications such as clustered terminalsystems. The receivers and transmitters are buffered with FIFOs of16 characters to minimize the potential for receiver overrun and toreduce interrupt overhead. In addition, a handshaking capability andin–band flow control are provided to disable a remote UARTtransmitter when the receiver buffer is full or nearly so.To minimize interrupt overhead an interrupt arbitration system isincluded which reports the context of the interrupting UART viadirect access or through the modification of the interrupt vector. Thecontext of the interrupt is reported as channel number, type ofdevice interrupting ( receiver COS etc.) and, for transmitters orreceivers, the fill level of the FIFO.The Octal UART provides a power down mode in which theoscillator is stopped but the register contents are maintained. Thisresults in reduced power consumption of several orders ofmagnitudes. The Octal UART is fully TTL compatible whenoperating from a single +5V power supply. Operation at 3.3 volts ismaintained with CMOS interface levels.The device also offered in a version which maintains TTL input andoutput levels while operating with a 3.3 volt power supply. SC28L198A1A Features • Single 3.3V and 5V power supply• Eight Philips industry standard full duplex UART channels• Sixteen byte receiver FIFOs for each UART• Sixteen byte transmit FIFOs for each UART• In band flow control using programmable Xon/Xoff characters• Flow control using CTSN RTSN hardware handshaking• Automatic address detection in multi-drop mode• Three byte general purpose character recognition• Fast data bus, 30 ns data bus release time, 125 ns bus cycle time• Programmable interrupt priorities• Automatic identification of highest priority interrupt pending• Global interrupt and control registers ease setup and interrupthandling• Vectored interrupts with programmable interrupt vector formats– Interrupt vector modified with channel number– Interrupt vector modified with channel number and channel type– Interrupt vector not modified• IACKN and DACKN signal pins• Watch dog timer for each receiver (64 receive clock counts)• Programmable Data Formats:– 5 to 8 data bits plus parity– Odd, even force or no parity– 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits• Flexible baud rate selection for receivers and transmitters:– 22 fixed rates; 50 – 230.4K baud or 100 to 460.8K baud– Additional non–standard rates to 500K baud with internalgenerators– Two reload–counters provide additional programmable baudrate generation– External 1x or 16x clock inputs– Simplified baud rate selection• 1 MHz 1x and 16x data rates full duplex all channels.


[{"Name":"Supply Voltage - Max: ","Value":"5.5 V "},{"Name":"Supply Voltage - Min: ","Value":"3 V "},{"Name":"Supply Current: ","Value":"150 mA"},{"Name":"Maximum Operating Temperature: ","Value":"+ 85 C"},{"Name":"Minimum Operating Temperature: ","Value":"- 40 C "},{"Name":"Operating Supply Voltage: ","Value":"3.3 V, 5 V "},{"Name":"Data Rate: ","Value":"460.8 Kbps "},{"Name":"Number of Channels: ","Value":"8 "},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, application-specific, standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets. Diodes Incorporated primarily serves the computing, consumer, communications, industrial and automotive segments. Diodes’ diverse product portfolio includes parts for LCD/LED TVs and displays, desktop, notebook and tablet computing, smartphones and hand-held devices, set-top boxes, power supplies and USB protection as well as many other application areas.

Diodes Incorporated offers a wide array of products including diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, gate drivers, protection devices, function-specific arrays, amplifiers and comparators, Hall-effect sensors and temperature sensors, power management devices including LED drivers, AC-DC converters and controllers, DC-DC switching regulators, linear voltage regulators, current monitors, and voltage reference and shunt regulators, along with special function devices including USB power switches, load switch devices, voltage supervisors and motor controllers.

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