T87C251SA Datasheet



A member of the Intel family of 8-bit MCS 251 microcontrollers, the 8XC251SA/SB/SP/SQ is binary-code compatible with MCS 51 microcontrollers and pin compatible with 40-pin PDIP and 44-pin PLCC MCS 51 microcontrollers. MCS 251 microcontrollers feature an enriched instruction set, linear addressing, and efficient C-language support. The 8XC251SA/SB/SP/SQ has 512 bytes or 1 Kbyte of on-chip RAM and is available with 8 Kbytes or 16 Kbytes of on-chip ROM/OTPROM/EPROM, or without ROM/OTPROM/EPROM.
A variety of features can be selected by new user-programmable configurations.

■ Real-time and Programmed Wait State
   Bus Operation
■ Binary-code Compatible with MCS® 51
■ Pin Compatible with 44-pin PLCC and 40-
   pin PDIP MCS 51 Sockets
■ Register-based MCS® 251 Architecture
   — 40-byte Register File
   — Registers Accessible as Bytes, Words,
      or Double Words
■ Enriched MCS 51 Instruction Set
   — 16-bit and 32-bit Arithmetic and Logic
   — Compare and Conditional Jump
   — Expanded Set of Move Instructions
■ Linear Addressing
■ 256-Kbyte Expanded External Code/Data Memory Space
   16 Kbytes (SB/SQ), 8 Kbytes (SA/SP), or
■ 16-bit Internal Code Fetch
■ 64-Kbyte Extended Stack Space
■ On-chip Data RAM Options:
   1-Kbyte (SA/SB) or 512-Byte (SP/SQ)
■ 8-bit, 2-clock External Code Fetch in Page Mode
■ Fast MCS 251 Instruction Pipeline
■ User-selectable Configurations:
   — External Wait States (0-3 wait states)
   — Address Range & Memory Mapping
   — Page Mode
■ 32 Programmable I/O Lines
■ Seven Maskable Interrupt Sources
   with Four Programmable Priority Levels
■ Three Flexible 16-bit Timer/counters
■ Hardware Watchdog Timer
■ Programmable Counter Array
   — High-speed Output
   — Compare/Capture Operation
   — Pulse Width Modulator
   — Watchdog Timer
■ Programmable Serial I/O Port
   — Framing Error Detection
   — Automatic Address Recognition
■ High-performance CHMOS Technology
■ Static Standby to 16-MHz Operation
■ Complete System Development Support
   — Compatible with Existing Tools
   — New MCS 251 Tools Available:
      Compiler, Assembler, Debugger, ICE
■ Package Options (PDIP, PLCC, and    Ceramic DIP)



Manufacturer information


Intel and Altera announced on June 1, 2015, that they had entered into a definitive agreement under which Intel would acquire Altera. The transaction closed December 28, 2015. The acquisition couples Intel’s leading-edge products and manufacturing process with Altera’s leading field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. The combination enables new classes of products that meet customer needs in the data center and Internet of Things (IoT) market segments.

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