TMS320F28335PGFA Datasheet

Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs)


The TMS320F28335, TMS320F28334, TMS320F28333, TMS320F28332, TMS320F28235, TMS320F28234, and TMS320F28232 devices, members of the TMS320C28x/ Delfino™ DSC/MCU generation, are highly integrated, high-performance solutions for demanding control applications.
Throughout this document, the devices are abbreviated as F28335, F28334, F28333, F28332, F28235, F28234, and F28232, respectively. Table 3-1 and Table 3-2 provide a summary of features for each device.

• High-Performance Static CMOS Technology
   – Up to 150 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time)
   – 1.9-V/1.8-V Core, 3.3-V I/O Design
• High-Performance 32-Bit CPU (TMS320C28x)
   – IEEE 754 Single-Precision Floating-Point Unit
      (FPU) (F2833x Only)
   – 16 × 16 and 32 × 32 MAC Operations
   – 16 × 16 Dual MAC
   – Harvard Bus Architecture
   – Fast Interrupt Response and Processing
   – Unified Memory Programming Model
   – Code-Efficient (in C/C++ and Assembly)
• Six-Channel DMA Controller (for ADC, McBSP,
   ePWM, XINTF, and SARAM)
• 16-Bit or 32-Bit External Interface (XINTF)
   – More Than 2M × 16 Address Reach
• On-Chip Memory
   – F28335, F28333, F28235:
      256K × 16 Flash, 34K × 16 SARAM
   – F28334, F28234:
      128K × 16 Flash, 34K × 16 SARAM
   – F28332, F28232:
      64K × 16 Flash, 26K × 16 SARAM
   – 1K × 16 OTP ROM
• Boot ROM (8K × 16)
   – With Software Boot Modes (Through SCI, SPI,
      CAN, I2C, McBSP, XINTF, and Parallel I/O)
   – Standard Math Tables
• Clock and System Control
   – On-Chip Oscillator
   – Watchdog Timer Module
• GPIO0 to GPIO63 Pins Can Be Connected to One
   of the Eight External Core Interrupts
• Peripheral Interrupt Expansion (PIE) Block That
   Supports All 58 Peripheral Interrupts
• 128-Bit Security Key/Lock
   – Protects Flash/OTP/RAM Blocks
   – Prevents Firmware Reverse Engineering
• Enhanced Control Peripherals
   – Up to 18 PWM Outputs
   – Up to 6 HRPWM Outputs With 150 ps MEP
   – Up to 6 Event Capture Inputs
   – Up to 2 Quadrature Encoder Interfaces
   – Up to 8 32-Bit Timers
      (6 for eCAPs and 2 for eQEPs)
   – Up to 9 16-Bit Timers
      (6 for ePWMs and 3 XINTCTRs)
• Three 32-Bit CPU Timers
• Serial Port Peripherals
   – Up to 2 CAN Modules
   – Up to 3 SCI (UART) Modules
   – Up to 2 McBSP Modules (Configurable as SPI)
   – One SPI Module
   – One Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Bus
• 12-Bit ADC, 16 Channels
   – 80-ns Conversion Rate
   – 2 × 8 Channel Input Multiplexer
   – Two Sample-and-Hold
   – Single/Simultaneous Conversions
   – Internal or External Reference
• Up to 88 Individually Programmable, Multiplexed
   GPIO Pins With Input Filtering
• JTAG Boundary Scan Support
   – IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990 Standard Test
      Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture (Continue ...)

• Industrial AC Inverter Drives
• Industrial Servo Amplifiers and Controllers
• Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining
• Uninterruptible and Server Power Supplies
• Telecom Equipment Power
• Solar Inverters



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