VRH2801NLX Datasheet

High speed, Low dropout, ±1% High output accuracy CMOS Voltage Regulator with On/Off circuit


The VRH series are positive voltage regulators with high speed, low voltage dropout and high accuracy output achieved by low current consumption. The output voltage is guaranteed within ±1% within the given temperature range by Vref controlling the temperature characteristic. It corresponds to the low ESR capacitor as an output stabilization capacitor. The charged ESR capacitor can be discharged with an internal switch by making the EN=VSS, as a result the VOUT quickly returns to the VSS level. To make the current capacity of the output transistor not exceeded, the over-current protection circuit is built in.

Output voltage range ·····························0.9V~5.0V (selectable with a step of 0.05V)
Operating voltage range ··························1.6V~6.0V
High accuracy output voltage ·····················±1% (VOUT=1.95V ~ 5.0V) / ±20mV (VOUT=0.9V ~ 1.9V)
Maximum output current ···························250mA
Dropout voltage ··································Typ. 90mV (output=3.0V, IOUT=100mA)
Low current consumption ··························Typ. 25µA
High ripple rejection ····························Typ. 75dB at 1KHz
Low ESR capacitor ································1.0 µF ceramic capacitor
Operating temperature range ······················–40°C ~ +85°C
Built-in over-current protector ··················Limit current : 300mA
CL high-speed auto-discharge                   
Built-in On/Off circuit                        
Small package ····································SOT-25 (2.9×2.8×1.1mm), LLP-4 (1.2×1.6×0.6mm),SDFN-4 (1.0×1.0×0.4mm),

Battery powered devices
Cellular phone
Digital / Video cameras
Portable games
Handheld instruments



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