XC2287 Datasheet

16/32-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller with 32-Bit Performance


General Device Information
The XC228x derivatives are high-performance members of the Infineon XC2000 Family of full featured single-chip CMOS microcontrollers. These devices extend the functionality and performance of the C166 Family in terms of instructions (MAC unit), peripherals, and speed. They combine high CPU performance (up to 66 million instructions per second) with high peripheral functionality and enhanced IO-capabilities. Optimized peripherals can be adapted to the application’s requirements in a flexible way. These derivatives also provide clock generation via PLL and internal or external clock sources, and various on-chip memory modules such as program Flash, program RAM, and data RAM.

Summary of Features
For a quick overview or reference, the XC228x’s properties are listed here in a condensed way.
• High Performance 16-bit CPU with 5-Stage Pipeline
   – 15 ns Instruction Cycle Time at 66 MHz CPU Clock (Single-Cycle Execution)
   – 1-Cycle 32-bit Addition and Subtraction with 40-bit Result
   – 1-Cycle Multiplication (16 × 16 bit)
   – 1-Cycle Multiply-and-Accumulate (MAC) Instructions
   – Background Division (32 / 16 bit) in 21 Cycles
   – Enhanced Boolean Bit Manipulation Facilities
   – Zero-Cycle Jump Execution
   – Additional Instructions to Support HLL and Operating Systems
   – Register-Based Design with Multiple Variable Register Banks
   – Fast Context Switching Support with Two Additional Local Register Banks
   – 16 Mbytes Total Linear Address Space for Code and Data
   – 1024 Bytes On-Chip Special Function Register Area (C166 Family Compatible)
• 16-Priority-Level Interrupt System with up to 87 Sources, Selectable External Inputs for Interrupt Generation and Wake-Up, Sample-Rate down to 15 ns
• 8-Channel Interrupt-Driven Single-Cycle Data Transfer Facilities via Peripheral Event Controller (PEC), 24-Bit Pointers Cover Total Address Space
• Clock Generation from Internal or External Clock Sources, via on-chip PLL or via Prescaler
• On-Chip Memory Modules
   – 1 Kbyte On-Chip Stand-By RAM (SBRAM)
   – 2 Kbytes On-Chip Dual-Port RAM (DPRAM)
   – 16 Kbytes On-Chip Data SRAM (DSRAM)
   – Upt to 64 Kbytes On-Chip Program/Data SRAM (PSRAM)
   – Up to 768 Kbytes On-Chip Program Memory (Flash Memory)
• On-Chip Peripheral Modules
   – Two Synchronizable A/D Converters with a total of 24 Channels, 10-bit Resolution, Conversion Time down to 1.2 µs, Optional Data Preprocessing (Data Reduction, Range Check)
   – 16-Channel General Purpose Capture/Compare Unit (CAPCOM2)
   – Up to four Capture/Compare Units for flexible PWM Signal Generation (CCU6x)
   – Multi-Functional General Purpose Timer Unit with 5 Timers
   – Six Serial Interface Channels to be used as UART, LIN, High-Speed Synchronous Channel (SPI/QSPI), IIC Bus Interface (10-bit addressing, 400 kbit/s), IIS Interface
   – On-Chip MultiCAN Interface (Rev. 2.0B active) with 128 Message Objects
      (Full CAN/Basic CAN) on up to 5 CAN Nodes and Gateway Functionality
   – On-Chip Real Time Clock
• Up to 12 Mbytes External Address Space for Code and Data
   – Programmable External Bus Characteristics for Different Address Ranges
   – Multiplexed or Demultiplexed External Address/Data Buses
   – Selectable Address Bus Width
   – 16-Bit or 8-Bit Data Bus Width
   – Five Programmable Chip-Select Signals
   – Hold- and Hold-Acknowledge Bus Arbitration Support
• Single Power Supply from 3.0 V to 5.5 V
• Power Reduction Modes with Flexible Power Management
• Programmable Watchdog Timer and Oscillator Watchdog
• Up to 118 General Purpose I/O Lines
• On-Chip Bootstrap Loader
• Supported by a Large Range of Development Tools like C-Compilers, Macro Assembler Packages, Emulators, Evaluation Boards, HLL-Debuggers, Simulators, Logic Analyzer Disassemblers, Programming Boards
• On-Chip Debug Support via JTAG Interface
• 144-Pin Green LQFP Package, 0.5 mm (19.7 mil) pitch



Manufacturer information


On April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. A dynamic more flexible company geared towards success in the competitive, ever-changing world of microelectronics.

Infineon is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. Infineon's product portfolio consists of logic products, including digital, mixed-signal, and analog integrated circuits, as well as discrete semiconductor products.

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