YGV638 Datasheet

Video Controller 2


■ Overview
· YGV638 (hereinafter called “VC2”) is a pattern graphic controller with an on-chip VRAM and the ample drawing performance enables high-resolution animated GUIs on WVGA display panels.

· VC2’s multiple video ports allow direct handling of video signals from various sources: DVD players, car navigation systems, rear view cameras, etc. In addition, VC2 is capable of superimposing characters, lines, and even graphic icons or menu screens (hereinafter called “sprite”) onto these videos.

· With conventional graphic controllers, complicated display control programs need to be developed. With VC2, Sprites can be used to simplify the programs as all the controls of a Sprite is available in its 12-byte attribute: position, scaling factor, transparency, color gradation, etc.

· VC2 integrates image de-compression engine (Yamaha proprietary algorithm) to dynamically decompress the Sprite data stored in its external memory (Flash ROM etc.) achieving substantial memory capacity savings. VC2, with the features above, allows display systems for in-vehicle AV equipments, audio equipments with display to be built with low-cost components.

■ Features
■ Display Function
● Video Output
   · Monitor supported: TFT liquid crystal display (digital RGB connection) or compatible display equipments
   · Digital RGB666, Digital RGB666+FRC, Digital RGB888
   · Supports NTSC, PAL, QVGA, WQVGA, VGA, WVGA, and SVGA
   · Supports interlace and progressive scans
   · Supports display timings in 1 dot and in 1 line resolution
   · Equalizing pulse insertion for composite sync signals
   · Dot clock polarity selection
   · Sync signal polarity selection
   · Gamma correction function (look-up table based)
   · On-chip LCD timing controller
● Display Plane Functions
   · Up to 341 planes (up to 128 planes per scan line) and one external video plane
   · A layer displays either sprites, lines or texts
   · Alpha-blending between layers
   · Alpha-blending between layer and external video
   · Picture attribute controls by layers (contrasts, brightness)
■ Layer Function
● Sprite
   · Displaying up to 341 sprites per screen and up to 128 sprites per scan line
   · Specified by horizontal and vertical coordinates
   · Sizes from 8 dot × 8 dot to 1024 dot × 1024 dot. Horizontal and vertical scaling independently selectable (in 8-dot unit)
   · 2, 16, 64, or 256 palette colors from 16M colors, or 64K colors with 16-bit RGB, 256K colors with 18-bit RGB, and 16M colors, life-like picture quality with 24-bit RGB
   · Scaling Function
   · Anti-aliasing of the outline profile
   · On-chip palettes with 1024 colors (combinations of 2 color palettes, 16 color palettes, 64 color palettes, and 256 color palettes up to 1024 colors in total)
● Text
   · Displaying up to 1948 characters per screen and up to 128 characters per scan line
   · Independent font selections for each character strings
   · Supports proportional font
   · Supports half-width font
   · Scaling function
   · Supports 4-bit/pixel anti-aliasing font
   · Font size: 1 dot × 1 dot to 64 dot × 64 dot in increments of 1-dot independently in horizontal and vertical direction
● Line
   · Line drawn directly from specifications of start/end point coordinates
   · Up to 510 lines per screen
   · 32768-color (RGB555) specification or palette index (10 bits) specification
   · Line width: from 1 dot to 16 dots (in one dot increments)
   · Anti-aliasing drawing function
■ Video Signal Inputs
● Analog Video Input
   · Compatible with composite video, S video, component video, and RGB signal inputs
   · On-chip three 10bit-ADCs
   · Compatible with NTSC and PAL signal formats
   · On-chip video decoder
   · Supports interlace and progressive scans (RGB)
   · Compatible with composite sync signal inputs (RGB)
● Digital Video Input
   · Compatible with RGB666, 16bit YCrCb, and 8bit YCrCb (ITU-R BT.656)
   · Compatible with interlace and progressive scans
   · Compatible with composite sync signal inputs
● Video Image Processing
   · Scaling (the input images scaled to fit the display resolution, not a zooming function)
   · Mirror flipping (through vertical axis)
   · External sync mode (or free-running mode: switchable)

■ Video Decoder
● On-chip High-quality Y/C Separation Circuit (2D adaptive comb filter)
● Digital AGC Circuit
● Image Color Controls
   · Contrast
   · Brightness
   · Color hue
   · Chroma saturation
● Color Killer Function

■ Other Features
● CPU Interface
   · Serial or 8-bit parallel connection
   · Indirect accesses to internal registers and tables through single access port
   · Flexible asynchronous bus interface
   · Macro command function
● Pattern Memory Interface
   · Bus width of 32 bits, or 16 bits
   · Up to 512 Mbits (64 MB) memory
   · Supports Mask-ROM, NOR-type flash-memory, SRAM, or compatible timing memories
   · Supports Page Mode accesses
   · Access timings in multiples of the system clock cycle
● Device Specifications
   · Lead-free 208-pin LQFP package (YGV638-VZ)
   · Supply voltages: 3.3V and 1.8V
   · CPU interface power supply 3.3V
   · Operating temperature range from -40℃ to +85℃




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