YW80C186EB20 Datasheet

8-Bit/16-Bit Microcontrollers


The Innovasic Semiconductor IA186EB and IA188EB microcontrollers are form, fit, and function replacements for the original Intel® 80C186EB, 80C188EB, 80L186EB, and 80L188EB 16-bit high-integration embedded processors.
These devices are produced using Innovasic’s Managed IC Lifetime Extension System (MILES™). This cloning technology, which produces replacement ICs beyond simple emulations, ensures complete compatibility with the original device, including any ―undocumented features.‖ Additionally, the MILES process captures the clone design in such a way that production of the clone can continue even as silicon technology advances.
The IA186EB and IA188EB microcontrollers replace the obsolete Intel 80C186EB and 80C188EB devices, allowing users to retain existing board designs, software compilers/assemblers, and emulation tools, thereby avoiding expensive redesign efforts.

General Description
The Innovasic Semiconductor IA186EB and IA188EB microcontrollers are an upgrade for the 80C186EB/80C188EB microcontroller designs with integrated peripherals to provide increased functionality and reduce system costs. The IA186EB and IA188EB devices are designed to satisfy requirements of embedded products designed for telecommunications, office automation and storage, and industrial controls.
The IA186EB and IA188EB microcontrollers have a set of base peripherals beneficial to many embedded applications and include a standard numeric interface, an interrupt control unit, a chip select unit, a DRAM refresh control unit, a power management unit, and three 16-bit timer/counters.

The primary features of the IA186EB and IA188EB microcontrollers are as follows:
   ● Low-Power Operating Modes
      – Idle (freezes CPU clocks; peripherals are kept active)
      – Power-Down (freezes all internal clocks)
   ● Low-Power CPU Core (static)
   ● Direct Addressing Capability
      – Memory: 1 Mbyte
      – I/O: 64 Kbyte
   ● I/O Ports
      – 2 each, 8-Bit
      – Multiplexed
   ● Clock Generator
   ● Chip Selects
      – 10 each, Programmable
      – Integral Wait-State Generator
   ● Memory Refresh Control Unit
   ● Interrupt Controller, Programmable
   ● Counter/Timers
      – 3 each, 16-Bit
      – Programmable
   ● Serial Channels
      – 2 each, UARTs
      – Integral Baud Rate Generator
   ● Operating Frequency (system clock input)
      – 50 MHz @ 5V
      – 32 MHz @ 3.3V



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