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The Z80182/Z8L182 is a smart peripheral controller IC for modem (in particular V. Fast applications), fax, voice messaging and other communications applications. It uses the Z80180 microprocessor (Z8S180 MPU core) linked with two channels of the industry standard Z85230 ESCC (Enhanced Serial Communications Controller), 24 bits of parallel I/O, and a 16550 MIMIC for direct connection to the IBM PC, XT, AT bus.
The Z80182/Z8L182 allows complete flexibility for both internal PC and external applications. Also current PC modem software compatibility can be maintained with the Z80182/Z8L182 ability to mimic the 16550 UART chip. The Z80180 acts as an interface between the ESCC™ and 16550 MIMIC interface when used in internal applications, and between the two ESCC channels in the external applications. This interface allows data compression and error correction on outgoing and incoming data. In external applications, three 8-bit parallel ports are available for driving LEDs or other devices. Figure 1 shows the Z80182/Z8L182 block diagram, while the pin assignments for the QFP and the VQFP packages are shown in Figures 2 and 3, respectively. All references in this document to the Z80182, or Z182 refer to both the Z80182 and Z8L182.

■ Z8S180 MPU
   - Code Compatible with Zilog Z80®/Z180™ CPU
   - Extended Instructions
   - Operating Frequency: 33 MHz/5V or 20 MHz/3.3V
   - Two DMA Channels
   - On-Chip Wait State Generators
   - Two UART Channels
   - Two 16-Bit Timer Counters
   - On-Chip Interrupt Controller
   - On-Chip Clock Oscillator/Generator
   - Clocked Serial I/O Port
   - Fully Static
   - Low EMI Option
■ Two ESCC™ Channels with 32-Bit CRC
■ Three 8-Bit Parallel I/O Ports
■ 16550 Compatible MIMIC Interface for
   Direct Connection to PC, XT, AT Bus
■ 100-Pin Package Styles (QFP, VQFP)
   (0.8 Micron CMOS 5120 Technology)
■ Individual WSG for RAMCS and ROMCS



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