Z9010204PSC Datasheet



The Z90102/3/4 40-pin Low-Cost Digital Television Controller are members of the Z8®STOP Mode MCU single chip family with 4, 6, and 8 KB of ROM and 236 bytes of RAM. The device is offered in a 40-pin package and is CMOS compatible. The DTC offers mask programmed ROM which enables the Z8® MCU to be used in a high volume production application device embedded with a custom program (customer supplied program) and combines together with the Z86C27 and Z86127 to provide support for mid range and low end TV applications.

8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller for Consumer Television, Cable and Satellite Receiver Applications.
■ Lowest Cost DTC Family Member
■ Low Power Consumption
■ Fast Instruction Pointer - 1.5 ms @ 4 MHz
■ Two Standby Modes - STOP and HALT
■ Low Voltage Detection/Voltage Sensitive Reset
■ Port 2 (8-Bit Programmable I/O) and Port 3 (2-Bit Input, 3-Bit Output) Register Mapped Ports
■ Port 6 (6-Bit Input and Tristate Comparator AFC Input) Memory Mapped I/O Ports
■ All Digital CMOS Levels Schmitt-Triggered
■ Two Programmable 8-Bit Counter/Timers each with 6- Bit Programmable Prescaler.
■ Six Vectored, Priority Interrupts from Six Different Sources
■ Clock Speed up to 4 MHz
■ On-Chip Oscillator that Accepts a Crystal, Ceramic Resonator, LC or External Clock Drive
■ Permanently Enabled Watch-Dog/Power-On Reset Timer
■ 3K x 6-Bit Character Generator ROM
■ 120 x 7-Bit Video RAM
■ Mask Programmable 96-Character Set Display. The 90102 and 90103 6-Row x 20 Column Format, 12x15 Pixel Character Cell. The 90104 8-Row x 20 Column Format 12x15 Pixel Character Cell. The 90102, 90103 90104 Capable of supporting English, Korean, Thai, Chinese and Japanese High Resolution Characters.
■ Fully Programmable Color Attributes Including Row Character, Row Background/Fringes, Frame Background/Position, Bar Graph Color Change, and Character Size.
■ Programmable Display Position and Character Size Control
■ One Pulse Width Modulator (14-Bit Resolution) for Voltage Synthesis Tuner Control.
■ Three Pulse Width Modulator (8-Bit Resolution) for Picture Control
■ Three Pulse Width Modulators (6-Bit Resolution) for Audio Control




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